“Will YouTube Still Work During A Nuclear Attack?” And Other Important Questions Your Kids May Ask


IN THIS great big beautiful complex world of freely flowing information, young children can ask some pretty tough questions sometimes. In fact, many parents find it hard to keep up due to how fast everything is progressing these days.

Luckily, we have compiled some of the more up-to-date and most frequently asked questions your children may ask. Here’s our top three below.

Will YouTube Still Work During A Nuclear Attack?

Aw their poor little hearts; an imminent nuclear strike is on the cards and your little precious wants to know if DanTDM will be able to upload his latest game review. Well, the good news is yes! With over 300 million YouTube data centres worldwide, it is almost impossible for an atomic bomb to destroy them all. However, if the question is will YouTube still work during a thermonuclear war, then no. We’d all be fucked then.

Will The iPhone 8 Still Be Released?

As everyone knows, iPhones are predominantly made in China due to the low labour costs and tiny hands, so everything would depend on where exactly a nuclear attack occurs. If the attack was on American soil, then yes; the new iPhone 8 would still be released as Apple’s financial headquarters are here in Ireland because we’ve swapped revenue morals for jobs because we’re desperate. If the attack was on North Korean soil, then we would expect that to be a ‘no’, as China would have to get involved in the conflict. Who thought nuclear war was so complicated, huh?

Why Are The Two Men With Silly Hair Fighting And How Do They Have Access To Nuclear Bombs?

Great question. First of all reassure your kids that both men sort of fell into power without really wanting it and that’s why they have access to nuclear codes that could potentially wipe everyone off the face of the Earth, including DanTDM. Because both men don’t really want to be there they’ve gotten bored and feel like they need to do something constructive/destructive with their time. Explain the fact that people who are very similar can also clash, as people hate seeing their own character traits in other people. Having silly haircuts and comical physical appearances can also fuel the fire. Both men also lived most of their lives in their father’s shadow, so that is also a contributing factor here. Also having a small penis doesn’t help either.