Varadkar Arrives Home With Canadian Accent


“I’VE had a look at what the British are proposing for the Northern Ireland border, and I don’t think they know what they’re talking aboot,” said Leo Varadkar at a press conference during his first official visit to Canada, prompting a sea of reporters hands in the air.

“Mr. Varadkar, did you just say ‘aboot’,” asked one journalist, who had thought the Taoiseach had said ‘aboot’ earlier in the session, but was now certain of it.

“Ey, nah I don’t know what you’re on aboot,” assured Varadkar, before wrapping up the session, before leaving to get a Tim Hortons.

Concerns have grown for the state of Leo’s accent since his first meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, described by Mr. Varadkar as being ‘just the best’.

The Taoiseach has come under criticism from political opponents back home who have accused him of using his trip to boost his own public image, with veteran news commentator George Hook angrily stating that the Taoiseach was ‘swanning around’ in Canada.

“Oh, that George Hoook ey, he’s a keener and no mistake,” refuted Varadkar, insisting that he was on important business and that he had some new sock that he really wanted to show PM Trudeau.

Varadkar went on to admit that he may have picked up a bit of a Canadian accent during his time in the country, but he had yet to warm to Canada’s crazy ‘safe and legal’ stance on abortion.