5 Disney Princesses Re-Imagined As Saudi Arabian Women


IF THERE’S one thing people love, it’s re-imagining Disney princesses as other things. And if there’s two things people love, it’s those happy-go-lucky ladies old Saudi Arabia, with their fashionable robes and their excellent lives full of fun and merriment.

So how about Disney princesses re-imagined as Saudi Arabian women? Can you imagine happier women? We can’t! Here’s our top five…

1) Jasmin

Aladdin’s squeeze, Jasmin is actually the only Middle Eastern Disney princess… not that you’d know it, from her bare midriff to her plunging neckline. What would she look like as an actual Saudi woman? Well, she’d keep the sexy eyes (as long as she didn’t look at a man that wasn’t her husband).

2) Snow White

Although her name suggests she’s not exactly Saudi looking, Snow White’s life of servitude to bossy little men pretty much fits with life for a woman in Saudi Arabia. All she needs to do is cover her shameful body, and she’s there!

3) Pocahontas

Pocahontas fits perfectly with Saudi life; she has to obey her father and the other men in her tribe. Slap a hijab on her and she barely changes. Of course, in the movie, Pocahontas disobeys her father to run off with a man that she loves. Best of luck trying that in Riyadh, love!

4) Ariel

What is it with Disney princesses and disobeying their elders to try and make a life for themselves? Little Mermaid Ariel is more than welcome to try that shit in Saudi Arabia, as long as she doesn’t mind swapping her mermaid tail for a hole, and ‘Under The Sea’ to “Under Some Stones’.

5) Elsa

Much was made about Elsa’s possible LGBT leanings… well, that kind of thing get’s a ‘cold’ reception in Saudi Arabia! LOL! See what we did there? Yeah, if she couldn’t ‘let it go’, they’d flog her half to death in public. Chilling!