“We’re Not Hippies, We Just Love Dancing In The Forest” Body & Soul Ticket Holders Explain


TICKET holders for the giant hippy magnet known locally as Body and Soul have staunchly denied accusations they are just a bunch of hippies, WWN understands.

Claiming that “we’re not hippies, we just love dancing in forests”, ticket holders have rounded on people who say the much loved festival is just a big hippy love in.

“Drinking Bulmers, dancing in fields and forests in flaming Westmeath of all places! Just having the craic, that has to be the least hippy thing going, it’s for everyone,” one ticket holder, Ciara McGilley explained, strengthening her case.

“People calling us hippies are acting like Body and Soul is the only festival that offers a dry cleaning service for your aura, or that it’s the only one that gives each attendee a ‘soul tattoo’,” one ticket holder and definitely-not-a-hippy Ciara McGilley, explained to WWN.

“Which, actually yeah, maybe that’s true,” conceded McGilley, “but it has regular cool, non-hippy stuff too like good bands, burger vans, a forest rave and unreasonably long queues for toilets,” pleaded the 22-year-old, desperate to dispel the vicious rumour that Body and Soul is a near perfect weekend of music, art, food, and theatre that could only appeal to highly evolved hippies.

However, McGilley was less forthcoming when WWN questioned her regarding the fact her boyfriend Gavin O’Toole was said to be planning on bringing bongos this year.

“If he tries anything like that I’ll bloody well kick him in the bongos,” the definitely-not-a-peace-loving-hippy concluded.