The Year Is Flying, Confirms Local Woman


UNSURE as to what time of year it is? Dubious about calendars? Never fear, one Waterford woman has conducted an independent inquiry into the passage of time, and has concluded that the year is flying in.

Margaret McKenneth, 52, made the discovery earlier this week after realising to her horror that it was practically July, despite it feeling like ‘no time since Christmas’.

Suspicious that perhaps some shady government agency were attempting to ‘steal time’, Mrs. McKenneth put the hours in to ascertain just exactly what day and date it was, as well as investigating why it only felt like April at best.

Having checked through the huge bundle of newspapers in her garage as well as confirming that Paddy’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day had all taken place, the Waterford native took to the streets to tell everyone she met that the year was flying altogether.

“I was having a chat with Margaret earlier and she told me the year was flying, and I had to agree with her,” said one close friend.

“Funny, I had noticed that it was a lot warmer than it should be for February. Sure, it’s not February at all! It’s the middle of the summer! Good woman Margaret. Not sure what we’d do without her”.

As well as telling everyone she encounters about the speedier than usual passage of days, weeks and months, McKenneth has also begun research into how long it is until Christmas, with initial data suggesting that ‘we won’t see it coming’.