Court Grants Donald Trump Divorce From Reality


A NEW YORK court has finally granted sitting US President Donald Trump his fourth divorce after a lengthy battle which is believed to have stretched across decades, WWN can confirm.

The dissolution of the relationship between the 71-year-old and the series of events, facts and state of things as they happen, known to most people as reality, had been on the cards for some time according to White House insiders.

Always a tense and volatile relationship, it is believed reality and Trump haven’t spoken since early 2016.

“I’m satisfied, from looking at your client’s Twitter feed, the evidence is overwhelming, that he has been living apart from reality for some time,” shared Judge Anthony Donnaruma, as he granted President Trump his wish, some 25 years after he first sued for divorce, beginning an often bitter and always contested case.

“It is very hard for one party to divorce another, if that other party is simply unreachable as Donald found with reality, but representatives for reality have finally done the right thing and granted him his separation,” confirmed one insider we spoke to.

Previously divorced from his first three wives, President Trump is now once again no longer tethered to a traditional relationship and is free to pursue other options after he admitted in court papers to being unfaithful to reality for much of their relationship.

“Now that the President isn’t hitched to reality anymore, he’s free to pursue other relationships with vivid imaginations, grand delusions, scurrilous untruths and swirling hyperbole. His relief upon finally signing the divorce papers was palpable,” added another source WWN spoke to.