Psoriasis Sufferer Has Tried Sunbeds, Cheers


WATERFORD native and long-time psoriasis sufferer Martin Harkett has today put considerable thought into getting a tattoo on his face that tells well-meaning people that yes, he has indeed ‘tried sunbeds’ to alleviate his skin complaint, they weren’t effective in the slightest, but cheers for the advice.

Harkett, 37, was first diagnosed with the ‘annoying-as-fuck’ skin complaint in his early 20s, and spent years trying a range of washes, ointments, therapies and indeed, sunbeds to gain some relief.

However, given the nature of the disorder, brought on by an overproduction of skin cells leading to red, flaky patches, each individual psoriasis sufferer reacts differently to treatments, meaning Harkett has to listen to story after story from complete strangers about how their cousin had psoriasis, went on a sunbed twice and ‘was grand afterwards’.

“Have the best intentions, but do they really think I’d have this condition for so long and not have given sunbeds a go?” wondered Harkett, who doesn’t mind having psoriasis as much as he minds everyone turning into a dermatologist when they see him.

“Different factors affect different people. Sunbeds may work a charm for some people; that’s cool. Other’s see improvements if they change their diets; if that works for you, grand. For me, I try to stay as stress free as I can to avoid flare-ups”.

“And people telling me shit I already know, that’s the most stressful thing there is!”