Man Having 37th Birthday Party Told To Catch Himself On


FRIENDS and relatives of a Waterford man who issued a Facebook event invite to his upcoming party to celebrate his 37th birthday have staged an intervention aimed at getting him ‘to wise the fuck up’ and stop having birthday parties like a child.

Sean Waterston, who turns 37 this week, was seemingly oblivious to the rules of society that dictate that once a person passes a certain age, they’re only allowed to celebrate benchmark birthdays and not have one each year for non-milestone ages.

As such, the Waterford City native went ahead and put together a plan for a party in his house for his mates and his family, with crisps and drinks with a barbeque planned if the weather was nice enough.

Despite having said nothing last year when he threw himself a 36th, those close to Waterston decided enough was enough; if they were going to avoid having to go to a birthday party for their friend every year for the rest of their lives, then they would have to step in and say something now.

“Everybody knows that after your 21st birthday, you get your 25th, 30th, and then it’s straight to your 40th, 50th, 60th, and so on until you die,” said Michael Jannihan, Sean’s closest friend.

“A 35th, maybe. But not a fucking 37th birthday party, come on now. We’re not fucking kids. Just keep your birthday to yourself, go out and get shitfaced with the lads if you want, but don’t throw a do for it. Jesus Christ, get a fucking bouncy castle while you’re at it”.

A devastated Waterston sat through the intervention before tearfully asking if this meant that he ‘wouldn’t be getting any cards’.