“Yeah, But Brexit Negotiations” May Retorts For 7000th Time Today


BRITISH Prime Minister Theresa May has reportedly been caught in a loop today after repeating the phrase “Brexit negotiations” for the 7,000th time in a bid to belittle her opponent Jeremy Corbyn.

Speaking from a place that’s not London, May insisted to voters that Mr. Corbyn is incapable of bargaining with the EU as he’s not her, stating that she is the only person in Britain capable of dealing with the Union.

“Jeremy Corbyn Brexit negotiations bad,” May retorted after one voter asked what she was going to do about Northern Ireland at a questions and answers session earlier today, “IRA, can’t lead, Brexit in ten days, can’t trust Corbyn to negotiate. Strong and stable”.

Ms May continued her repetitive tirade for several minutes, adding again that Mr. Corbyn could not be trusted to get the best deal for the UK.

“Yeah, but brexit negotiations,” she replied again, this time after being asked about disability cuts implemented by her Conservative party, “no deal will be better than a bad deal. Strong and stable. He was pictured with Gerry Adams once. Brexit”, she finished, before then laughing awkwardly with her disgusted face.

Following her loop, aides quickly ushered the 60-year-old British leader off stage, and apologised to the audience, stating that she had a long day travelling, trying to get far away as possible from tonight’s live television debate.