Update: Nobody Gives A Fuck About Your Facebook Friendversary Video


A TEAM of social media experts are trying to stem the increasing amount of people who are sharing ‘Friendversary’ pictures and videos to their Facebook timelines, by urging people to accept that literally not one person gives a damn as to when two randomers accepted each other’s friend request.

The ‘Friendversary’ was manufactured by Facebook’s elite Nonsense Squad, famed for bringing such time-wasting annoying bullshit to our social feeds such as ‘On The Day’ and ‘Your Year In Review’ videos.

Although largely ignored at first, all it took was one Facebook user to post his video onto his friend’s page with the message ‘LOL look at us, hapy Friendery bro’ to ignite a swarm of people doing likewise.

With every day bringing more and more Friendversary videos into everyone’s timelines, online experts are pleading with people to come to terms with the fact that ‘nobody gives a fuck’.

“We’re in danger of Facebook becoming overrun with these things to the point where it’s just Friendversary videos and Minion memes,” said Professor John Jarlton, one of the world’s most renowned social media gurus.

“Please, please be aware that these little movies are only of interest to you and the other person in them. if you must share them, there is no reason to do it publicly on each other’s walls. Seriously people, we’re in danger of this becoming an actual thing with Hallmark cards for sale in shops and everything’.

“Let’s all just take a nice calm step back from the abyss”.