Asylum Seekers Could Be Treated Like Humans After Disgraceful Supreme Court Ruling


A SUPREME court ruling could pave the way for asylum seekers to be allowed hold down jobs as their asylum applications are being processed, which would of course inevitably lead to the total destruction of Irish society, WWN can confirm.

Currently asylum seekers are given a weekly allowance of €19 euro and required to stick to strict curfews which sees many of them locked away in dank and crumbling prefab units, as the slow processing of applications leaving many people in limbo for many years.

However, under a ruling delivered by the Supreme Court after a Burmese man took a case against the Justice Minister, there is a real danger that asylum seekers will be treated like humans and afforded rights that they just plain shouldn’t have.

This disturbing development has angered many people who always get angry about these sorts of things. Despite this fact, the seven-judge Supreme Court has flat out ignored the Nation’s concerns, instead, favouring to uphold the constitution and disgracefully apply it to non-citizens living in Ireland instead of leaving them to wallow in cramped and frankly inhumane conditions.

“We want to assure the public that the suggestion that we would have to view people fleeing violence and persecution with any semblance of dignity, humanity or respect is just an overreaction. We’ll be dragging our heels on this one, don’t worry,” a government spokesman confirmed after ringing in to Liveline to give out about the ruling.

“This is a complete outrage, and a sign of everything that is wrong with Ireland,” confirmed someone’s racist uncle, in an exclusive rant with WWN.