80 People Killed In Kabul Blast And You’ve Stopped Reading, Haven’t You?


A DEVASTATING bomb attack in the Afghanistan capital, Kabul, has killed at least 80 people and left nearly 400 injured, and given that only the first sentence of an article shows up in the preview window on Facebook, it’s entirely likely that nobody is reading this bit here.

The deadly blast, which exploded in the diplomatic district of the city, has been widely wait a second, why waste any more time writing about something that nobody west of Qatar will give a monkeys about?

In fact, if we just hit the word limit on this article, our editor will be happy enough that the columns got filled and nobody will ever check to see what was written.

Ducks are generally monogamous, although these bonds usually last only a single year. Larger species and the more sedentary species (like fast river specialists) tend to have pair-bonds that last numerous years. Most duck species breed once a year, choosing to do so in favourable conditions (spring/summer or wet seasons).

Ducks also tend to make a nest before breeding, and, after hatching, lead their ducklings to water. Mother ducks are very caring and protective of their young, but may abandon some of their ducklings if they are physically stuck in an area they cannot get out of (such as nesting in an enclosed courtyard) or are not prospering due to genetic defects or sickness brought about by hypothermia, starvation, or disease.

We just copied that from the Wikipedia entry talking about the breeding habits of ducks.

Right, that’s us done. Get the photo lad to stick an image at the top… it doesn’t even have to be Kabul, nobody is going to check. Early lunch time!