WWN Motoring: Choosing The Best Place For That Padre Pio Medal


YOU’VE bought yourself a new set of wheels, you’ve taxed it, insured it, filled it with juice, topped up the window washer fluid… you’re almost ready to hit the road, right after you find the perfect home for the succession of religious icons and bottles of holy water from Lourdes that your mam insists you carry with you in the car at all times.

As essential to an Irish motorist as an NCT, a Padre Pio medal or a bottle of holy water in the shape of Our Lady will help protect the average motorist from a range of undesirable road occurrences, from head-on collisions with a drunk driver to the customs pulling you over and dipping you for green diesel.

But with most motorists ‘too cool’ to be seen driving a car with a prayer to St. Christopher air freshener, coupled with the lack of metallic surfaces inside modern cars where one might stick a Padre Pio magnet, many drivers are left with very few places to out their religious driving accessories.

“In the driver side seat pocket is where most people end up putting their icons” said Fr. James Hanson, religious driving expert.

“Ideally, you’d get more benefit from the medals and Holy Water if it was on the dashboard, as the side of the seat can block some of the blessings radiating from the laminated piece of Padre Pio’s glove or whatever. It’s down to each motorist; would you rather be ‘cool’, or would you rather get the full effect of a branch from last Palm Sunday? It’s your call”.

Fr. Hanson also warned about leaving your religious items at home instead of in the car, as you may be liable to a car inspection by your mam at any time.