Slane-Goer Becomes First Irish Reveller To Have Spirits Dampened By Rain


IN what is being described as ‘unprecedented’, one attendee at last Saturday’s Guns ‘N Roses concert in Slane has spoken publicly about how his spirits were very much dampened by the torrential rain that blighted the event, adding that the day would have been much better if it had been sunny.

Kevin McCloone, 37, had been looking forward to the sold out event since snapping up tickets earlier in the year.

A lifelong G’NR fan, McCloone had been optimistic about the weather for the day following a scorching week, but was dismayed to wake on Saturday morning to downpours and overcast skies.

Although media and news outlets covering the concert insisted that ‘revellers weren’t letting the rain dampen their spirits’, McCloone found that his spirits were immediately dampened, and he remained disappointed throughout the day as he stood in a muddy field soaked to the bone for 8 straight hours.

“The media are lying to you – the weather really fucked us all over,” said McCloone, still on the Lemsips after picking up a cold on Saturday.

“The Six-One news would have you believe we’re all out there freezing our balls off, just as happy as we would have been if we were sipping cider in the sun. Bollocks. The concert was great, but spirits would have been much higher if we hadn’t been pissed down on all day”.

McCloone also confirmed the gig was also attended by a much lower amount of young girls in bandanas than the media would have you believe.