WWN Motoring: Wavin To Discontinue Popular Exhaust Line


THE modified car community were up in arms today in an outpouring of both anger and grief, following the news that plastics company Wavin are to discontinue their popular line 0f car exhausts.

Wavin, who specialise in making sewerage piping, domestic water piping, commercial drainage pipes, and exhaust systems for cars with engines smaller than 1100cc, made the decision to cancel production on their exhaust line in a bid to focus on the other aspects of their business.

A stalwart of the modified car, the Wavin exhaust was beloved by boy racers across the country, due to its inexpensive cost, easy installation onto both Starlets and Civics, and its signature ‘BWAAAAAAMP’ sound, often heard ringing out as drivers tore through housing estates without a care in the world.

“Nothing said ‘this car is fucking awesome’ quite like a Wavin,” sobbed one boy racer we spoke to, driving through Waterford in what appeared to be a lunchbox on wheels.

“I’m not sure what I’ll do when the Wavin goes on this thing. Put a normal exhaust on? But then how will people know I’m coming? This is a dark day for us all”.

With remaining stocks of Wavin exhausts now dwindling due to modifiers buying up as many as they can before they disappear, one can expect to see several of the 4″ beauties showing up on eBay for extortionate prices in the coming months.