Dublin Lose For First Time Since 1964


KERRY have become only the second ever county to win anything in football after Dublin’s first defeat since 1964 came in the Football League final at Croke Park yesterday.

Dublin’s long standing unbeaten run of 44,579 games came to an end in a game which could give hope to supporters of other counties who are too young to remember the far off days when the Sam Maguire trophy wasn’t handed to Dublin out of habit, before a ball had even been kicked.

“It had to come to an end at some point,” shared one magnanimous Dublin supporter, “but to be honest, I thought it would happen some time in the 22nd century, you know when the place was wall-to-wall flying cars”.

One immediate fallout from the game saw Dublin players receive an hour long informative lecture, centred around the definition and concept of ‘losing’.

“Bless them, I think some of them still don’t have a clue what has actually happened. The poor lambs were asking why their medals were silver and why the culchies looked so happy. Another 10 lectures and maybe we’ll get through to them,” explained leading professor of loserology, Bertrand Klimpton.

GAA experts had played down speculation that such a victory could result in a third county tasting silverware, citing Mayo as an example as why this could be next to impossible.