Get Glowing Skin With This Simple Trip To Fukushima


TIRED of hitting the town without that fresh-faced glow? Sick of spending your days with dull, lifeless looking skin while everyone around you struts around with picture-perfect pores?

Well, here’s one simple skin tip for results that will have people saying ‘WOW, what have you done to your skin?’ Make a visit to the areas surrounding the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, damaged by the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan in 2011.

With highly radioactive material leaking from the devastated but long-forgotten power plant at an alarming rate, the whole area is sure to have your skin radiating with a mildly green hue by the time you get back on the plane for home following a short stay in the region.

This beauty tip is one of the world’s best-kept secret, with governments and news agencies insisting that the crippled nuclear power plant is not an Asian Chernobyl, and that the surrounding areas are fine and the clean-up operation was hugely successful and the plant is not still uncontrollably burning its way into the soil.

“Your skin will be so changed, it’ll tingle,” wrote one beauty blogger, seconds from death.

“Forget bronzer, forget highlighting, forget contouring; spend a day on the coast overlooking Fukushima, and you’ll be glowing for the next week, or however long it takes for you to succumb to a huge range of illnesses”.

Eager to cut down on the amount of people availing of this stunning treatment, all roads to and from Fukushima have been closed and all previous residents of the area have never been allowed to return, although there’s nothing wrong with Fukushima, it’s grand, honest.