Avoid Doing Stuff With Your Kids On Saturdays By Buying Them This Simple Games Console


TIRED of bringing your son to football training on your one day off? Missing the rugby because your little girl has swimming lessons at the same time? You might be one simple video games console away from hours of free time, each and every weekend!

Research has shown that children who have yet to be indoctrinated into the ways of the videogame are more likely to want to do things outdoors with their friends, leaving their parents with no option than to spend the whole day on Saturday driving to and from various training sessions, matches and activities.

This can lead to huge numbers of parents standing around in the freezing cold, watching their kids underperform at a sport played at 10% of the speed it really should be.

However, help is at hand from companies such as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, all of which have videogame consoles on the market at the moment, which kids can enjoy without leaving the sofa all day; leaving mum and dad free to stare at their phones and argue for as long as they like.

“I used to have to take my kids to soccer training every single weekend and stand there watching them exercise all day, until I bought them an Xbox,” said one happy subscriber to the videogame train of thought.

“Now, I can head to the pub in the middle of the day on Saturday, have a few pints with the lads, then arrive back home and the kids are just where I left them, mowing down virtual people in a shower of blood and guts and violence. It’s bliss! Plus, if you spring for wireless headphones as well, you don’t even have to listen to them!”

Games consoles are available NOW.