Driver On M1 In Thrilling ‘Race To Dundalk’ With Total Stranger In Other Lane


THE driver of a 2012 reg blue Skoda Octavia travelling from Swords to Dundalk may not be aware of it, but he’s currently involved in a neck-and-neck race up the pale with Adam Jennings, who he nonchalantly cut off while merging onto the motorway.

Jennings, 33, has made it his morning’s work to ‘beat that bastard in the Skoda’ up the road, and has stayed on the tail of his nemesis while they both travel at speeds of up to 130 kmph along one of Ireland’s busiest roads.

Motorway racing, where a driver will choose a totally oblivious fellow motorist to ‘race’ over an unspecified distance for no good reason whatsoever, has always been a popular sport among road-users, with little or no time to concentrate on driving carefully.

However, this morning’s race has been classed as being ‘one for the ages’, with Jennings ’09 Toyota Corolla occasionally overtaking his Skoda-driving foe, only to lose ground while stuck behind a slow-moving lorry, before sinking the boot to make up lost ground.

“If I get out of the toll plaza quicker than he does, victory is in sight,” said Jennings, focusing more on the race than he is on his three small children in the back seat.

“This is Schumacher-Hill, it’s Prost-Mansell. Two drivers. One road. One goal; get to the slip-road for Dundalk south before the other. Let’s GO!”

UPDATE: Although Jennings is claiming victory, judges have ruled the race a ‘no-contest’ after the Skoda peeled off for Collon. Jennings continued the rest of the journey without a rival, before racing a Ford Transit from Ardee to the Dundalk Applegreen for the hell of it.