World War 3 Fears Grow As Twitter Contemplates Upping 140-Character Limit


THE threat of nuclear war continues to grow, with many experts and analysts believing that the human race could be facing annihilation if social media platform Twitter carries through on its plans to increase the amount of characters per tweet from 140 to 300.

With tensions growing between the United States, China, Russia and middle eastern nations, most political and military commentators have agreed that the only thing holding us back from a full nuclear strike is the fact that US president Donald Trump has to keep his tweets limited to short outbursts.

Although Trump has on occasion linked together multi-tweet messages, White House sources have confirmed that Donald ‘usually loses interest’ in what he’s talking about if it doesn’t fit into one tweet.

Trump has in the past managed to sour a delicate relationship with China by tweeting about a phone call with Taiwan, and sources admit to being ‘terrified’ about what he could have put in that tweet with another 160 characters at his disposal.

“Twitter, we plead with you; think about what it is you’re doing,” said a spokesperson for the UN earlier today.

“You hold the fate of our world in your hands. If you continue down this path of expanding the character limit of tweets, it’s only a matter of time before Trump goes off on China and then it all kicks off. There’s no coming back from this”.

Trump took to Twitter to dismiss fears that he would ever tweet something that would cause a war, but then got distracted and started to tweet about how this year’s Royal Rumble was no good, and how his Wrestlemania appearance drew the biggest crowd of all time.