WWN Fashion: Yemen Is The New Syria


A WAR, decades in the making, slowly reducing cities to rubble… a humanitarian crisis about to reach a breaking point, while the western world sits back and ignores it… a labyrinthine mess of sides, with no clearly defined ‘right’ or ‘wrong’… damn, Syria, looks like you’ve got some hot competition from Yemen this season!

Syria, who really had it all the past few years, may be in danger of losing its crown as the most fucked-uppest Middle Eastern region, now that the sassy new contender to the throne has arrived.

Yemen! You sexy little beast, with your raging conflict fueled by the Saudis on one side and an army of Iran-backed rebels on the other side… look at your people, getting bombed with style and flair.

It’s like Yemen took a look at Syria and said OK bish; I see how you do. I see your refugees, your destroyed cities, your misery, your heartbreak… well, I can do all that too!

Matter of fact; I can do it better! Amma throw in a famine as well, which will affect 80% of the 14 million people living here!

“Make no mistake; Yemen is the new Syria,” said one fashion correspondent, scanning through endless images of human suffering.

“Like, almost to the letter. The millions of displaced children, the hospitals being bombed, the fact that nobody in the west seems to give a shit, the fact that people are about to flee from Yemen by the million and get turned away from countries across Europe… Yemen got it going on, baby!”