Local Man Dusting Off ‘I Played Against Johnny Sexton’ Story Ahead Of 6 Nations


A DUBLIN man is planning to dust off an old story about that one time he played opposite Johnny Sexton in a junior cup match just in time for the start of this year’s 6 Nations championship.

Conor ‘Con’ Kelleher will be putting his story on display in a number of pubs in the Ballsbridge area of the capital in the coming weeks, but admitted the story was in need of some serious renovation.

“I haven’t told it since the November test series, so it needs a drop of oil applied to the narrative hinges, if you follow me. Might just practice it in front of the mirror before making it available to the public again,” shared the 31-year-old.

While details of the story are subject to change depending on the number of drinks Kelleher has consumed or if he is in the presence of someone who knows he never made it off the bench when playing for his school, the core aspects of that fateful afternoon remain intact.

“He was ball hogging, trying to run the game, but I set my sights on him and went through him for a short cut,” Kelleher shared, painting a visceral picture of the time his school faced off against St Mary’s 17 years ago.

“They say he changed his style after that, the big hit I gave him shook him that much. He wouldn’t be the player he is today if it wasn’t for me,” added the former rugby player of the incident which almost certainly never took place.

Concerned that the story may not be compelling enough, Kelleher is open to adding a bit about bumping into Sexton recently only for the Irish international to say ‘God, I can still feel that tackle Con, I never properly recovered from it’.