“Америка теперь будет идти в новом направлении,” Trump Confirms In Worrying Address


PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s latest public address has done little to alleviate fears among American voters that the Republican may be under Russian influence, WWN can reveal.

Taking to the podium at a press conference at Trump Tower with a visible earpiece, the president-elect took no questions, instead preferring to deliver a short address exclusively in Russian.

“Америка теперь будет идти в новом направлении,” began Trump as he sent assembled journalists into collective shock. Mr. Trump ignored all questions from the floor and continued his address.

While the billionaire’s trademark jocular style remained intact, many people were thrown by his use of Russian -at no point had the Trump transition team indicated that Mr. Trump was fluent in Russian.

“Мы должны помочь сделать Россию великой снова,” Trump continued, leaving many journalists scrambling in search of someone who could speak Russian.

“He definitely said something about ‘make’, ‘great again’ and ‘Russia’ but I can’t be sure, I only took a few Russian classes in college,” one panicked reporter from CNN confirmed to his colleagues.

Some in attendance claim reporters from Russia Today looked ‘remarkably happy’, however a full transcript of just what the president-elect said has yet to be produced and verified.

“Пусть Бог благословит Россию,” Trump added, concluding his brief address, before turning to the side and saluting a Russian flag.