“But Where Are You Really From?” Black Woman With Irish Accent Asked


A WATERFORD based black woman with a thick Irish accent, usually referred to as an ‘Irish person’, has once again been asked politely by one of the country’s citizens ‘but where are you really from?’, WWN can confirm.

The question, posed by well meaning middle aged man Sean Carty at a bus stop, marked the 46th time Ardmore local Cora Adeola has been accosted by a well meaning member of the public so far this year.

“No I know, but I mean where are you ya know, from like,” Carty ventured once again upon being told by Adeola that she is from Waterford.

Carty was prepared to launch into a fresh set of questions before Adeola cut their conversation short and produced a sheet of paper with a set of prepared questions and answers.

“It’s just much easier this way, skips passed the usual ‘now is it your mam or dad that’s the you know, foreign one’ and ‘when did you learn English’, ‘you speak Irish, that’s mental’ stuff,” Adeola shared with WWN when this reporter also crossed the street to ask her where she was really from.

“I understand the curiosity, but it would be nice if they started off with a nice hello and didn’t just want to figure why the fuck I’m here,” Adeola confirmed before refusing to answer this reporter’s follow up question about when exactly she lost her original accent.