Some Bullshit Storyline To Play Out On Popular TV Soap This Xmas


A POPULAR television soap opera is expected to run with some bullshit storyline in the lead up to Christmas, which is expected to be on par with storylines of the same nature from previous years.

Fans of the programme are to be pre-warned by news publications across the country in a bid to prepare them for what is about to play out on the television drama.

“We don’t think people would be able to deal with the raw emotion brought on by the storyline, so we have no other option but to leak its key points to the press,” the director of the show, Sam Guy, told WWN, “hopefully people will be prepared enough to handle it, and that enough interest will be generated for them to tune in to every single episode between now and the 25th of December”.

The show is expected to use a wide range of serious issues that may affect some viewers, in the hope it helps the audience ‘justify watching the bullshit with their pitiful eyes’.

“That’s very brave of them to run with an everyday story like that, considering it’s a drama based around real life events,” one fan of the show explained, using only his mouth, “I’m glad they spoiled it on us too. I absolutely hate being shocked by something on a soap; an affair, a murder, an explosion. It’s too real or something, and would probably ruin my entire Christmas, now that I think about it”.

Writers on the show have confirmed the Christmas story line is going to be the best they’ve ever written, and said it is jam-packed with a series of tragedies and miserable circumstances too good to miss out on, on a Christmas day.