GAA Confirms Dublin V Mayo Will Be Best Of 7


THE GAA has confirmed that this year’s All Ireland final will be a best of 7 contest, WWN has learned.

“Oh, did we not mention that before?” Chief Replay Strategist Officer at the GAA, Micheál Ó Moola confirmed shortly after the end of the absorbing All Ireland final between Dublin and Mayo.

“That will be €21 million worth of fantastic football, and we can’t wait to spend it, I mean watch it,” added Ó Moola, “there was a time when a team had to ensure it was at least 5 points ahead going into added on time to avoid a replay, but we’ve taken that pressure off. They just have win 4 games, and the first one a draw we could go all the way to 7 games.”

The GAA has also issued a separate statement about ticketing for the 6 remaining finals, explaining that they have solved the technical malfunction in the ticketing system which treated Mayo politicians looking for tickets like normal, everyday plebs.

Scientists looking to explain the ‘Mayo curse’, which reared its head again yesterday in the form of two own goals, believe they have got to the bottom of the strange phenomenon.

“The entire county was built on top of an ancient Indian burial ground, Croagh Patrick is basically a Comanche graveyard,” confirmed Professor Ian Gillespie.