Man Trapped In Conversation With Boring Friend For Over 40 Minutes


AN ELITE team of conversation extraction specialists has been called to No.21 Gorey Park in Waterford this evening after it was discovered that one man was stuck chatting to an awfully boring friend for over 40 minutes.

John Lyons, with an address in the Waterford area of Ireland, had been attending a house warming party for friends when he was kidnapped into a dreary conversation with no end in sight by his friend Martin Hurley.

Hurley, an accountant by trade, penned Mr. Lyons into a corner of the house seldom frequented by other, more interesting party goers thus monopolising the 29-year-old’s time and company.

“You could see all colour had drained from his face, and he was just nodding along to whatever drivel Hurley was spouting, but make no mistake John was dead behind the eyes,” an eyewitness, who failed to come Mr. Lyons’s aide shared with WWN.

After the Gardaí Conversation Extraction Unit (CEU) were called, police trained in the art of getting people out of conversations they really don’t want to be part of acted quickly by distracting the offending boring man.

“The CEU were so swift, they just swooped in and told Martin there was some good looking girl in the kitchen who was saying she’s interested in accounting and the history of motorway road signage just like he is, and he left John’s side in a flash,” the eyewitness added.

After being checked over by medics on the scene, Mr. Lyon’s was given the all clear despite nearly being bored to within an inch of life.