This One Weird Trick Not That Weird & Not Really A Trick


A POPULAR article seen at the bottom of countless media sites, purporting to offer a solution to something via one weird trick has been found to be entirely false.

‘Aged 35, this man speaks 11 languages, learn his one weird trick’ is the article at the centre of much clickbait headlines, and has seen many people click in the hope of learning the mysterious trick.

However, WWN tracked down the subject of these articles, one Arnold Tempereau, and discovered that the trick is neither weird nor a trick at all.

“I don’t know how those spam articles started, but I can assure you it’s hardly a ‘trick’,” Arnold explained to WWN while switching seamlessly between French, German, Chinese and Italian.

Arnold confirmed that achieving his multilingual status involves a very straightforward process.

“Like most multi-linguists, I simply hacked off my penis with a rusty machete, and then ate my genitals. I think it’s very dishonest of these websites to claim there’s some weird trick when there’s not,” Arnold added.

Arnold has confirmed to WWN that much of his time is now spent scouring the internet in an attempt to trackdown and remove the spam articles relating to his multilingual achievements.