Met Éireann Issue ‘Dogs Eating The Grass’ Warning


IRISH National Meteorological Service Met Éireann has issued a nationwide ‘dogs eating the grass’ warning for all 26 counties this evening.

The warning comes after previous ‘cows lying down’ and ‘blue flame in fire’ warnings earlier this week.

Several meteorological stations up and down the country have reported the strange phenomenon, and issued the top level warning at 6pm this evening.

“Dogs eating grass is a sure-fire warning that it’s going to lash out of the heavens tonight,” veteran meteorologist Nuala Carey explained, “and mixed with cows lying down? We’re going to be in for some miserable weather. If you see a dog eating grass, please make your way indoors”.

Motorists are also being told to drive carefully in the rain, and have been urged to avoid driving altogether if there is a red sky present tomorrow morning.

“We may see a Shepherd’s warning in place tomorrow morning, so drive safely,” Ms. Carey concluded.