Resurgence In Kerryman Jokes Linked To Danny Healy Rae


RESEARCHERS at the Institute of Studies have found there is a direct correlation between a significant increase in Kerryman jokes and the number of times Danny Healy Rae has opened his mouth.

Healy Rae, a Kerry TD, has come under criticism from a number of Kerry natives for his outspoken views on things he knows absolutely nothing about, with many of his constituents asking him to simply ‘shut up’.

“It started at work, the endless Kerryman jokes and I said ‘you know, we’re smarter than that stereotype’ but then the lads told me Danny thinks Noah’s Ark really happened. Christ, he’s making life harder for the rest of us Kerry men and women,” Dublin based Kerryman Sean Colfer shared with WWN.

Colfer appealed to his home county TD to ‘think before he opens his mouth before deciding it’s best not to speak at all’, following a number of high profile quotes which have landed the TD in hot water.

The Institute of Studies discovered that any time comments by Danny Healy Rae entered the public arena there was a spike in Kerryman jokes, with the number told increasing by an astonishing 5000%, making the tired jokes more popular than ever.

“He thinks global warming doesn’t exist, but some lad threw a bunch of animals on a boat ‘cus a lad in the sky told him to. Thinks gay men shouldn’t have kids, is dying to shoot someone who steps on his land. That’s all just in the last 24 hours by the way. We deserve every bit of slagging we get at this stage,” a defeated looking Tralee native, Sharon O’Neill, explained to WWN.

For his part Healy Rae criticised the ‘Dublin media’ for quoting the ignorant and idiotic things he says verbatim, suggesting republishing his words unedited were a clear sign of an anti-rural bias.

Healy Rae went on to deny his stupid comments had anything to do with the fact he had purchased the international distribution rights for Kerryman jokes.