Waterford Mother Acting Like She’s The One Who Got 600 Points


A WATERFORD mother has made the fatal error of assuming the 600 points received by her daughter in the Leaving Cert this year are transferable to her, WWN has learned.

Norah O’Farrelly (56), an Ardmore native, has taken to carrying herself with the sort of satisfaction, pride and confidence normally reserved for 17 and 18 year olds who have the world at their feet after securing an impressive 600 points.

“Did you hear?” O’Farrelly said from the wall outside her house, where she had been patiently waiting for neighbours, or anyone, to walk by. “We got 600 points”.

Careful to use the word ‘we’ when describing the achievement wrought by her daughter Siofra through a process of hard work and more hard work, the mother’s pride at her daughter’s results were only eclipsed by the intoxicating feeling derived from acting as if she herself earned the results.

“God, I couldn’t do it all again, not if you paid me all the money in the world,” O’Farrelly remarked to friends in a Facebook status, which read like the 56-year-old sat through exams in English, Maths, Irish, Biology, Economics, French and History.

“Finally getting a chance to let the hair down after all that stress and hard work #champagne,” confirmed O’Farrelly who has still yet to say ‘well done’ to her daughter as the mother’s boasting commitments are set to keep her busy for the next few weeks.