Nation Advises Thomas Barr To ‘Jump & Run Really Well’ Ahead Of 400m Hurdles Final


LOCAL Waterford man Thomas Barr is set to compete in the final of the 400 metre hurdles in Rio at 4pm and has been advised by an excited Nation of athletics experts to ‘jump and run really well’, WWN can exclusively reveal.

Barr is hoping to follow in the footsteps of fellow Team Ireland athletes Annalise Murphy and the O’Donovan brothers by grabbing a place on the podium after putting in one of the all time great Irish athletic performances in his semi-final on Tuesday.

As the Nation swells with pride at the achievements of many of its athletes at the games so far, it also took the time out to provide advice ahead of the big race which went into exhaustive technical detail in regards to sprinting and hurdling.

“I think you should run really, really fast,” the Nation advised Barr, “oh, and don’t forget there are hurdles too so jump really good as well,” the Nation added.

While many experts believe Barr might have a fair idea of how to run the 400 metre hurdles, they have commended an excited and nervous Ireland as any and all additional advice could prove vitally important in giving Barr the edge.

“Now, when we say fast, we mean like your fastest, fastest, you’ve ever run. Faster than any sports day and everything,” the Nation concluded as it collectively crossed its fingers.