“I Like To Smell Joggers As They Pass By” Local Walker Reveals


A COUNTY Waterford man revealed today that he secretly loves to smell fellow pedestrians as they pass, admitting to purposely walking into their slipstream ‘for a waft’.

Derek O’Brien, who walks 5km every day after dinner, said he likes sniffing the ‘after trails’ of joggers the best, as they seem to have a certain scent about them, like a freshly sprayed deodorant can mixed with the misty Autumn air.

“I have to say, some of the joggers smell absolutely fantastic for someone sweating their little bollocks off,” he said, demonstrating his sidestep technique when they pass, “If they’re coming against me on the footpath, I’d usually jump straight into their slipstream after they zoom past, to get the full waft of their human being.

“You can tell a lot by someone’s smell, you know, ” he added. “You get the deep fried people who’ve just been in a kitchen eating supper. You can almost smell the sausage, chips and beans off them, they’re usually the overweight ones chatting to each other, pretending to walk fast but never losing a pound”.

Mr. O’Brien insists that his urges are in no way sexual, just that he loves a good person smell when he comes across one.

“I wouldn’t smell young women or kids. Don’t make me out to be some kind of predator,” O’Brien finally joked, while sniffing this reporter’s pen and notepad like some kind of pervert.