“See What You Started Now” Nation Tells Luas Drivers As Dublin Bus Set For Strike


AN ANGRY Irish public has asked Luas drivers ‘are you happy now?’ after learning Dublin Bus workers are set to strike in the coming weeks.

With Ireland officially rich enough to spend too much money on overpriced houses again, a fresh raft of industrial disputes have arisen as workers seek to earn more money to feed their families with.

“Here we go, d’ya see what you started now,” said the majority of Dublin’s commuters who face the possibility of being just over an hour late for work in the event of a Dublin Bus compared with ‘just under an hour late’ when service are running normally.

“Well, we hope you’re proud of yourselves,” the Nation added, squinting its eyes while staring menacingly in the direction of the Luas drivers whose protracted industrial dispute came to an end some weeks ago.

It has been speculated that Dublin Bus workers had rejected a Labour Court recommendation of an increase in pay of 8.75% over three years after being inspired by Luas staff.

“We said ‘fuck it’ and just told them to move the decimal back again, it’s 87.5% or nothing,” one Dublin Bus worker explained to WWN.

The public has urged both sides in the pay dispute to resolve their differences and that once they have done that they can start looking for the 15A that reported missing after failing to turn up at 8.30am this morning.