Cyclist Wearing Camera Hoping Some Motorist Will Make A Mistake Today


“We’ll see who the smart arse is now in their big car,” whispered Dun Laoghaire cyclist Damien Breen after attaching his brand new GoPro camera to his cycling helmet.

The 38-year-old accountant made the comments in the mirror just before making his way to work this morning.

Breen, originally from Carlow, has spent the last 13 years cycling to and from work every day amongst some of the most dangerous traffic in the country, and has so far logged 138 road rage incidents with local Gardai.

“They’re big men in their cars with the windows up,” he muttered to himself as he set off on the coast road into town, “half of them don’t even know there’s a cycle lane here, but I’ll let them know alright. I’ll fucking show them!”

The full-time brother of three recalled six very near misses with trucks and cars since beginning his routine in 2001, and has convinced himself that he was completely in the right every single time.

“They just don’t be looking in their mirrors,” he hinted, nodding at a blonde lady in a ’07 3 series BMW beside him, “Watch now, she has the indicator on left and she hasn’t even checked to see if there is a cyclist in the lane.”

Surprisingly, the female driver stopped and waved him on.

“She must have seen me earlier or something,” he pointed out to himself whilst checking the GoPro on/off button, “I’m sure some prick will do it at some stage on the way in this morning”.

However, Mr. Breen arrived into work without incident and was slightly disappointed with his morning commute.

“That’s typical now; I go and buy a camera for five hundred quid, and then, nothing,” he said, “I might have to try a different route on the way home earlier. That Sandymount junction is lethal. I’ll try hover around there after work for a bit”.