Pope Francis In Call Out Video To ISIS


POPE FRANCIS has added a fresh entry into the longstanding war between religions with a call out video on his official Facebook video page earlier this morning.

Francis, clearly worked up into a fury in the video which was filmed horizontally, asked ISIS to name the location and time for a fight, stating he would fight ‘any man’. He also criticised ISIS for all the ‘shit talking’ they have done on social media about Christians stating it was now time to let his ‘fists do the talking instead’.

The pontiff’s anger didn’t stop there as he directly called out ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and accused him of only being ‘shite in a bucket’.

A senior Vatican official who was filming the video can be heard urging Francis on, telling him ‘don’t forget to slag his aul one’ as the 79-year-old paced around his back garden with his fists balled up in an intimidating manner.

The Pope had previously denied religion was to blame for the world being ‘at war’ and instead blamed things like greed, which a religion that holds over $15 billion in assets would know nothing about.

Vatican insiders admitted that the Pope had previously tried to use a message of peace but could no longer sit idle as ISIS continued to persecute innocent people in the Middle East. This latest video has continued a trend of leading figures in the world abandoning diplomacy in favour of posting call out videos online.

The furious leader of the Catholic Church concluded his video by calling out ISIS over their extremism and the fact they act holier than thou while ‘riding every young up the town’.