GOT HIM! Iraqi Government Watch As Special Forces Eliminate Tony Blair


“I WAS sweeping room-by-room through the house, when all of a sudden, there he was before me: the same face I’ve seen on ‘Most Wanted’ lists for nearly two decades. Instinct kicked in. Two to the head, and Blair was dead”.

WWN are speaking exclusively to the Iraqi special forces soldier who last night led a raid on a Westminster house where, just as Iraqi intelligence had said, they found and killed the notorious war criminal Tony Blair.

In a war bunker in Baghdad, key members to the Iraqi government along with their top generals watched as footage from the soldier’s helmet-mounted cameras streamed onto a screen in front of them, allowing them to witness the moment when the man responsible for hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths finally got his due.

“Ladies and gentlemen… we got him!” beamed an enthusiastic spokesperson for the Iraqi military.

“For the years of torture, death and misery he has brought to our people, for the attacks that leveled our cities, and for the lies he told to justify our suffering… we finally nailed the bastard. Let this be a lesson to all known terrorists who think they can start a fight with Iraq and just walk off with a book deal… we will find you, and we will neutralise you”.

Blair’s body was kicked into the English channel from out of the back of a warplane as the strike team made its way home to Iraq, as is the custom for war criminals. Meanwhile, George Bush is still on the loose, for now.