Judge In Anglo Trial Delivers Sorest Slap On The Wrist In History Of The State


SENTENCES totalling less than 10 years were handed out to the men who were part of a €7 billion fraud carried out between Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Life and Permanent.

“I don’t dole out this punishment lightly, now hold out your hands,” judge Martin Nolan was heard saying by people in the public galleries as he handed down a sentence of 3 and a half years to Willie McAteer and 2 years to John Bowe. Denis Casey, the former group chief executive of Irish Life and Permanent will serve 2 years and 9 months.

So terrified were the men in court that they had to be restrained, palms facing upwards as Justice Nolan made his way over to them.

The public gallery uttered gasps and cries of ‘the barbarity’ as Justice Nolan administered what many people firmly believe to be the sorest slap on the wrists in the history of the State.

“I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised is that slap stung for God, who knows, maybe 7 or 8 seconds. It was horrific to watch, God love them,” legal expert David Neelon shared with WWN.

“They probably wish they committed some horrific sex attack instead, they’d be walking out of the court without sore wrists if that was the case,” concluded Neelon.

McAteer, Casey and Bowe are expected to be released within 24 hours due to ‘good behaviour’ which outweighs crimes tantamount to economic treason.