“It’s Well For Some” Says Co-Worker About Everything You Do


OFFICE dose Cathal Granning is to continue saying “it’s well for some” to his co-workers as a reply during conversations about things they own or places they visit, after months of not picking up on the shitty looks he gets when he does so.

Granning, 38, has so far this week said “it’s well for some” after co-workers spoke about things such as upgrading their phone, buying a new car, booking a holiday to Lanzarote, and having a teeth-cleaning procedure done at the dentists.

The staff at McClennon & Roe accountants in Dublin have made no secret about how annoying this is, but Granning seems to be stuck in some sort of Tourettes-style fit, rendering him unable to say anything else.

“He asked me how my weekend was, I said that I just watched a bit of telly, and he said ‘oh, it’s well for some'”, said one member of staff we spoke to.

“I think you could tell him that you spent the weekend in A&E after getting the shit kicked out you by a homophobic gang and he’d still say ‘oh, well for some’. He is either a complete moron, trying to wind us up, or he has such a miserable life that he actually envies those who do even the most minor things to treat themselves. I’d believe anything at this stage”.

UPDATE: Granning has received his first punch to the face from a co-worker, after noting that it was “well for some” to get picked for redundancy.