Worry Expressed For Dublin Man After He Doesn’t Send Snapchat For 3 Minutes


A POPULAR Dublin man is feared missing following the news that he has failed to bombard friends and family with a new Snapchat story for at least three minutes.

Ciaran Gaffney, 26, known locally as ‘a bit of a character’ has in recent years become a frequent user of popular app Snapchat, leading him to amusing share snippets of his life almost every minute of the day.

“I wouldn’t normally worry about him, but he hasn’t sent a Snapchat of himself in the shower, or getting out of the shower, or using the toilet, or flushing it afterwards,” a visibly distressed friend of Gaffney’s, Conor Byrne explained to WWN.

“You’d worry,he was trapped under a pile of rubble somewhere or mowed over by a bus, but then ya realise the first thing he’d do in that case is send you 90 Snapchats in under a minute, I don’t know what to be thinking,” Gaffney’s mother Angela, shared with WWN when interviewed.

Gardaí have confirmed that they cannot launch an official missing persons investigation until an hour of no Snapchats being sent has elapsed.

“While we appreciate the concern the family and friends have, this could just be a case of Ciaran dropping the phone in the toilet,” offered Garda Eoin Meegan.

At the time of this article’s publication, it has been 3 minutes since Gaffney’s last Snapchat, which comprised of a photo of a man in front of Gaffney in a shop with the caption ‘head on yer man, it’s bleedin’ massive’.

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