Outrage In Tramore As Humpback Whale Is Pulled From The Sea For A Selfie


SEARCH and rescue services have today condemned a county Waterford woman who, with the aid of her boyfriend and his brother, pulled a 30,000 kilogram humpback whale from the sea to the shore, just to take a selfie.

At approximately 2:34pm, the humpback whale was spotted breaching in the bay of the popular seaside resorts. Many people gathered on the shore to witness the rare spectacle, only to find the woman and two men had other ideas for the sea mammal.

“I spotted two big Polish lads jumping into the bay with ropes and started swimming towards the whale,” local man Neil McGrath told WWN, who was eating popcorn during the scene “After a bit of thrashing about, the two boys somehow snared the whale with the ropes, and started slowly dragging it to the beach while giving out in their language”.

Shocked eyewitnesses looked on as a young woman began snapping selfies beside the whale as the two men held it down.

“The whale was making awful noises like it started suffocating or something,” one man recalled “Luckily the lifeguards intervened and told them to release the whale back into the ocean. The two lads just caught the poor whale by the tail and swung it back in, making a huge splash, before then calmly strolling off down the beach like it was nothing” adding “People were actually horrified”.

Gardai arrived at the scene and arrested two men, Marian Wawrzyniak and his brother Marcin, along with Tramore woman Rosie Reynolds who is believed to have dared the men to tow in the whale. All three were later cautioned and released without charge.