Fianna Fáil Just Biding Their Time Before Pulling The Plug On Minority Government


IRELAND’S largest opposition political party has openly admitted that they are just biding their time before pulling their support for the minority government, holding out for when it will be most advantageous for them to do so.

Fianna Fáil had pledged their support to the Fine Gael led government on a number of conditions, but the Micheál Martin helmed party are expected to drop that support once their numbers in the polls reach a satisfactory level.

“We’d estimate 35% is the magic number, we could get a government of our own off the back of that. We’re not fussy on what brings down the government we’ll make up any old shite,” Richard Richmond, a spokesperson for Fianna Fáil explained to WWN.

“Could it be homelessness? Yeah sure. Rural something or other? Yup, we can pretend to give a shite about that and take some sort or principled stand. But you’re missing the point, it’s not what brings down the government that’s important, just that we’re in a solid position to win a snap election,” Richmond added.

Fine Gael insiders have admitted they knew from the moment they formed their minority government that this would be the only outcome, and begrudgingly admired Fianna Fáil for getting one over on them.

Despite these pronouncements, a large proportion of the electorate is expected to gravitate towards Fianna Fáil whenever the party decides Ireland needs another election.