Dublin Man Sits Down To Watch Better Call Saul To Find He Has Already Seen Season Finale


THERE were confusing scenes in a Dublin city home this afterevening when Better Call Saul fan, Maurice Casey, suddenly realised he had already finished season 2 without realising it.

Unable to comprehend the fact that last week’s episode was actually the finale, Mr. Casey cursed and blinded creator Vince Gilligan for the “slow” and almost “stagnant” first two seasons.

“The fuck are they playing at, eh?” Casey asked his family, who were by now already searching for another TV show to watch. “Sure, nothing fucking happened, how could it be over, again?”

Pointing out that last year’s season also fooled him into thinking there was another episode, Casey vowed to give up watching the show, a statement his wife doesn’t believe.

“I think he was disappointed, more than anything,” wife Mary explained. “He loves that show. It’s just not going at the speed he wants. Not like Breaking Bad, where there were subplots right the way through” adding “I’m sure he’ll watch it again next year”.

Backtracking slightly, Casey said he might give the first episode of next season a chance, stating: “If nothing fucking happens in the first one, I’m out of here”.