Dyson Introduce Revolutionary €6,500 Window


THE way we experience a breeze blowing through our homes could be about to change forever, after air manipulation experts Dyson announced the revolutionary new “Vindow”, expected to hit the market at a cool (and cooling) €6,500.

Having done wonders in the field of moving air from A to B with their vacuum cleaners, fans and their recent hair dryer, Dyson claim that the Vindow will enable the owner to be in full control of the amount of air that comes into their house from the outside, thus enabling them to change the temperature in the home from ‘stuffy’ to ‘not-so-stuffy’ in a fraction of the time that waiting for the seasons to change would take.

The vindow can be used just as efficiently at night as it can during the day, and has a simple mechanism for opening and closing it with the use of just one hand.

“€6,500 is a bargain for what is surely the best window on the market, ” said James Dyson, founder of the Dyson Ltd.”We’ve spent years perfecting the way a window opens and creates a space between the inside and the outside, and we have been able to maximise the cubic meters of air that pass through the window space by simply telling people that we’ve maximised the cubic meters of air that pass through the window space.

“Lastly, and this is something we specialise in, we’ve been able to slap a huge price tag on what seems to be a fairly simple product, while convincing people that it’s not expensive because it has the Dyson logo on it,” adding “We couldn’t be happier”.

Dyson went on to launch several other products that will revolutionise the way air moves from one place to the other, including a €799 tin whistle and a €950 bottle of bubbles.