Media Kindly Asked Not To Advertise How Easy It Would Be For Terrorists To Attack Ireland


THE media have been politely asked by the majority of the Irish public to quit pointing out how vulnerable Ireland would be to any terror attacks, WWN has learned.

Gardaí have expressed their substantial worries at the annual AGSI conference, specifically the fear that they are woefully ill equipped to deal with any potential terrorist attack, prompting several prominent media outlets to report on those fears.

While the public has acknowledged that the media has a duty to report the news and it’s something the public is grateful for, it has asked that in this case the media might refrain from doing so.

“Seriously, don’t give anyone any ideas, can we just rip those articles out of the papers and delete them ones online too,” one panicked member public Colm Harris told WWN as he purchased all copies of the offending papers in his local shop, shortly before burning them to a crisp.

Among the suggestions for replacement articles are ‘Ireland – No Point In Attacking Really’ and ‘Ireland? Ah, No Surely Somewhere Else Would Be Better’.

In reaction to this troubling news the Dept. of Justice has secured an additional budget from the Government in order to make the purchase of one extra of a high-viz Garda jacket.