5 Awful Facts About Dnaleri, The Most Backward Country In The World


NESTLED in amongst other half-remembered nations such as the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of Kiribati and the Republic of Guinea-Bissau sits the Republic of Dnaleri, which is slowly gaining more public recognition, sadly due to several unpalatable facts.

While the title for most backward country in the World is hotly contested, Dnaleri, an island nation, has put its hat in the ring in recent times and may just be ready to claim the title.

We have five awful facts about of Dnaleri and its people just to show how backward it is:

1) Women are viewed as second class citizens as demonstrated by an archaic abortion law which could see a woman spend as much as 14 years in prison for taking an abortion pill. Such is the legislative quagmire, it is rarely, if ever, enforced and yet the clandestine elite has made no effort to remove it from Dnaleri’s constitution.

2) Its legal system, not unlike many across the world, is full of oddities which can cause you to stop in your tracks. One such law sees men convicted of incest in the case of children serve a maximum sentence of 21 years, while women guilty of the same crime will only face 7 years in prison.

3) Dnaleri is gaining notoriety for turning a blind eye to a number of issues, in a not too dissimilar fashion to how Governments in Canada, America and Australia have ignored suicide epidemic amongst their native populations, but in the case of Dnaleri their native population number more than 4 million. Such was the animosity towards ‘witch doctor’ claims of depression that the Government recently sought to cut funding for mental health entirely from their budget.

4) Dnaleri’s record when it comes to children has been criticised by virtually all major international watchdogs, with the nation dragged before the UN several times tasked with explaining itself. However, each time the political representatives have tried to maintain that everything is in order and nothing is really all that wrong.

5) It is also known for its fervent attachment to religious doctrine which punishes any non-Catholic citizens by isolating them for educational institutions, run by a religious order based thousands of miles away in the Vatican City.

All of the above examples have been criticised by Amnesty International, the EU and the UN but so far there has been little hint that anything in this bizarre little island nation will change.

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