Totes Awky Momo! First World Country Has 33% Of Its Children Living In Deprivation


OH MY GOD, cringe alert!

One first world country is making the headlines for all the wrong reasons, and we are absolutely scarlet for them.

It turns out Ireland, with an annual GDP in the region of €240 billion somehow can’t get its act together and has a major embarrassment on its hands as 33% of its children are living in deprivation.

No new Snapchat filter is going to change that, are we right, lol?

According to the OCED, Ireland, one the richest countries in the world doesn’t seem to know its arse from its elbow when it comes to fostering an equitable society which lacks widespread poverty. And Twitter has SERIOUSLY laid into the nation for it.

With an increase of nearly 50% in homelessness figures in the last 12 months alone, and an average of 18 new inquiries into child abuse being launched every minute, the egg is firmly all over Ireland’s face.

And judging on the serious shade being thrown on Twitter from some Irish people, it looks like Ireland hasn’t the first clue on how to change this figure.