Local Man Always Has Some Injury Or Another


DESPITE a fairly active lifestyle and a job that isn’t physically exerting, one Waterford man spends most of his time complaining about various injuries and discomforts he has to suffer through.

Jason Hughes, 36, keeps everyone at the Waterford accountancy firm where he works up to date on his strained shoulder, dodgy ankle, fallen arches and non-specific back pain, while also finding time to inform them that his neck is pretty stiff too.

Although his co-workers don’t have much interest in how a middle-aged man who doesn’t partake in much sporting activity comes to have so many muscle and joint issues, they often find themselves politely asking “how’s the shoulder” as Hughes winces and stretches and massages himself across from their desk.

“For a lad that does fuck all, he sure does seem to spend a lot of his time in bits,” said Helen May, who shares an office with Hughes.

“And he’s not shy about keeping us all informed about how long today’s particular injury has been bothering him, his home remedies for pain relief, and his trips to the Physio every three weeks. Plus the whole office stinks of Deep Heat all day, every day. It’s like a changing room at a GAA pitch at times”.

During the rare times when Hughes is completely injury free, he offers advice and wisdom to other people who may have aches and pains, usually accompanied with a long and detailed story about himself.