Thousand Of Emigrants Arrive Home After Rumours Of Abolishing Of USC


DUBLIN airport has clocked up record numbers of Irish ex-pats returning home this week, following news that the universal social charge maybe be abolished if Fine Gael win the general election.

An estimated 30,000 emigrants have already packed up their belongings leaving their lives abroad since the announcement last week.

“The minute I heard it, I was gone,” recalls 29-year-old plumber Tony O’Regan, who left behind his wife and fourteen young children. “The universal social charge was the only reason I left Ireland in the first place. There was no way I was gonna work my bollox off to pay an extra 20 euros a week on top of everything else”.

The tax measure, introduced by the then minister for finance Brian Lenihan in 2011, was cut in this year’s Budget. Mr. Kenny said that if he is still in charge after the election, it will be scrapped.

“This measure will create 200,000 jobs, reduce unemployment to 6%, eradicate homelessness, free up hospital beds, solve the flooding crisis and attract 75,000 emigrants home,” the Taoiseach said, before adding. “Every returning emigrant will be also be given a Fine Gael election pack upon arriving at Dublin airport.”

Contents of the ‘coming home’ pack include: a Fine Gael pen, an Enda Kenny bobble head, a Keyring and a leaflet detailing all the great things the Government has done since forcing everyone to leave.