Muslims Urged To Stop Dressing Up Like Terrorists


SECURITY forces in the UK are calling on people of the Islamic faith to rethink their dress code due to the alarming resemblance between Muslim and terrorist attire.

David Freeman, a high-level security expert for MI5, has urged British Muslims to leave their current trend of burkas and headscarves behind in the morning for more Western fashion choices.

“It is ridiculous that many Muslims choose to dress up like terrorists every day,” he stated in a brief interview on Sky News. “Why would they be so stupid? Everyone knows what a terrorist looks like, so why mimic them?”

Sky News host Kay Burley also pointed that “those lot also wear turbans”, further adding to the Freeman’s helpful advice to the British Muslim community.

Following recent tragic events in Paris and Beirut last week, which saw the deaths of hundreds of innocent people, British security forces are on high alert over possible attacks by Islamic State members.

“You don’t see Irish people walking around with balaclavas and Camo jackets on, so why must you people?” Freeman pointed out as if speaking to Muslims directly, alluding to a time when all Irish people wore IRA uniforms.

“It’s just common sense. Save those costumes for Halloween if it makes you happy, just don’t be going around trying to freak people out with your terrorist clothing.”